Our platform's gamification mechanics

We only utilize scientifically proven and developed gamification that’s efficient at creating and amplifying engagement. Here are some of our available mechanics used in our platform, what they can do, and why you should use them. 

gamification mechanics

Main mechanics

These are the main Gamification Mechanics. They can be adapted for many uses.



Collect points, level up and  improve your skills in this versatile mechanic focusing on personal progression and development.



A place to trade in your earned points, in-app currency or other collectibles for various rewards, physical or digital.



Get rewarded for completing specific goals, actions or behaviors. Breaks up long term progress in to more attainable chunks, and gives you a sense of proficiency and mastery.



Divide users in to teams and let them collaborate,  compete, or both.  Collect points to gain Team Levels or complete tasks to complete Team Missions.



Let's you follow paths of designed or automated Missions, consisting of various tasks that are completed for rewards. 



Track and compare your progress and prowess with others on the leaderboard.  Create a leaderboard for every metric that you find useful.

Variants of mechanics

These are some variants based the main mechanics and tweaked for specific purposes.

Onboarding Missions

Use the Missions mechanic to create a more engaging and guided onboarding experience. Use it for anything from teaching new users about your product, to onboarding new employees in your company or team.

Team Missions

Work together in teams to complete tasks and goals in this variant of the Missions mechanic.

Team Levels

Gain points and level up your team by collaborating on performing a set of behaviors and actions together.


Gain points and level up by performing a set of behaviors and actions. Taken from the Character mechanic.


From the Character mechanic. Discover, improve and retrain skills by performing actions and behaviors. Reach different levels of skill mastery. 

More modules coming soon!

Be sure to be on the look out for our latest gamification mechanics

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