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Insert Coin provides world-renowned expertise and a leading gamification platform that helps companies achieve sustainable digital growth by improving engagement, retention, and churn.

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Our platform is resource-effective, quick to implement, and easy to manage for our clients. The power of AI combined with our science department guarantees scientifically proven and sustainable gamification that will improve your growth.


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Juicy design increases engagement

Juicy design increases engagement

How we use "juicy design" to improve user experiences in digital products  

The best apps today are games in disguise

The best apps today are games in disguise

The reasons why game-like design is so effective at engaging users  


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Understand why we are considered to be at the forefront of digital product development and sustainable gamification.

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With customers such as Storytel, Forza Football, and Twiik, we engage millions of users globally.
Insert Coins' platform is resource efficient, quick to implement and easy to manage for our customers

"Gamification is key for the retention and engagement from the student, and Insert Coin plays a big role in that"

Gabriel Ekman

Gabriel Ekman
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer | BAG Rwanda

"Our experience from working with Insert Coin the past year has overall been very positive. We look forward to keep improving the product in close collaboration with Insert Coin in the time to come"

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Hermine Bonde
Chief Executive Officer | Braive

“We used GWEN to re-engage users at various touchpoints along their journey, increasing engagement rate by 101%”


Linus Jernblom
Chief Executive Officer | Videquus

"The incredible increase in conversion and engagement we see now is only the beginning of our gamification journey together”


Vidar Duvnäs
Chief Executive Officer | Betspawn

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